Genius Team revealed

Genius will always surprise you! Never forget that we don’t promise and do,we do and announce. Today you will be introduced to the heads of Genius team.

Genius CEO

Rubesh Venkaya

My experience as a trader is allowing me to understand the market and to know when to invest, when to announce.

With me Genius won’t have to fear whales anymore.

I will make sure Genius will take over the world

Genius Marketer

Hady Soobhany

My mission is to push Genius into the crypto world. Visibility is the key to success.

I’m willing to use my digital marketing experience for Genius, through my influencers network.

I’m determined to blow your mind!

Genius Dev

Raphael Chevallier

My mission is to lead, with dev team, Genius to the top.

My main mission is safety of Genius and I guarantee transparency for all Genius holders.

Genius Specialist

Cecilia Belleville

Genius is the link between my two passions which are Crypto and Nature.

from my experience in both areas I will be able to lead the projects and keep the philosophy of Genius.

Get ready! We are taking over the world.

Genius is a BEP-20 token, with Static rewards, LP acquisition, Manual burn.